General Rules FootGolf!

Football boots are not allowed, we recommend short rubber studs.

Maximum 5 players per flight.

The ball is played with the foot.

Play the holes in the correct order.

The ball must be played from the white tee box

All players kick off first and then continue with the hole.

The player furthest from the flag may kick the ball first.

Play the ball as it lies, but do not kick the ball so that the course is damaged. Think of shrubs, trees etc.

If the ball is in a non-playable place, there are 2 choices:

The ball is simply kicked.

The ball is picked up and placed in a playable place, this place must be further away from the flag than where it was. You get 1 penalty point for this.

If you hit a ball from the teammate; The hit ball can be put back. If there is a ball in the way; Ask the teammate to “mark” it. You will not receive a penalty for this.

If the ball lands on a baseball field, make use of the gates and do not climb over the fence. Make sure you do not interfere with the game.

The flag does not have to be taken out, this is allowed, but it must be replaced.

With more than 8 kicks, the ball is picked up and a 9 is recorded on the score card.

The best scoring player on the previous hole starts first.

The Footgolf Marbella crew is at all times authorized to give instructions that must be followed.

House Rules FootGolf Marbella!

Entering the Footgolf course is only permitted with a green fee.

Entering the Footgolf course is entirely at your own risk.

The Footgolf Marbella crew is not liable for any theft / loss and / or damage to personal belongings.

Caused damage and / or loss of property of Footgolf Marbella will be recovered.

If a Footgolf ball is not returned, 3 euro will be charged.

Return the Footgolf balls to one of the member of Footgolf Marbella

It is not allowed to consume alcohol whiles playing.

We do not serve alcoholic beverages to visitors under the age of 16.

Clean up your mess, thank you.

Do not climb on attributes, tables and benches, everything can break.

General Rules for FootGolf on Video!

You can watch these video’s to understand how it works and what the General Rules for FootGolf are!

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